Augment your business cards
and ensure yours are the cards that
people want to keep!

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Not only Business Cards!
We augment - Magazines, Beermats, Labels, Leaflets
Tickets, Posters, Packaging. If it's printed we can augment it

Let your customers
interact via your augmented items

Bringing Print to life!

For generations Business Cards have been the accepted form of introduction. The world is rapidly changing and people now expect more for less. Now you can give your customers more with Augmented Reality.
Your Business Card can now be turned into a live advert whereby readers can digitally interact with it using a mobile device. Open up a new world to your readers and ensure they hold on to your Business Card!

Not only Business Cards, but Labels, Beermats, Leaflets, Posters, Magazines, Tickets, Invitations.
If it is printed, we can augment it!

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CPC and Fork-Lift Truck Training

CPC driver training and Fork-Lift truck training may not appear to be an industry that you think of that would benefit from innovative marketing.  But the management of Logistics …

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National Gym and Leisure Chain

A national Leisure Management organisation wanted to be innovative in their approach to make life easier for their patrons.  Managing four sports centres in the local area, they wanted to be able …

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