Case StudyLocal Photographer

When a local photographer wanted to market his portfolio of different styles of pictures he came to us for help and advice. We augmented his Business Card on both sides. One side gave access to his full website, direct contact details, a link to his Facebook page and a client log-in. Each client had their own ID number and could access their portfolio of pictures by following the link off the Business Card. On the reverse were two picture portfolios showing different styles of photography. 

Augmenting my Business Cards has been an asset to my business. I am able to showcase different styles of photography that I undertake, all on a Business Card! As well as showing off different themes of photography I produce, I have been able to allow my customers access to their portfolio of pictures. Normally they would have to go to a PC, log onto my website and log in to view. My customers have told me how simple and easy it is now and it also allows them to share the viewings with friends and relatives.

Try for yourself!

The image to the left is the original printed item. The 2nd image shows what you will see if you scan the original image with the Layar app. The 3rd image shows a link button we have chosen for this demonstration. The 4th image shows what you would see if you had clicked on the button.

(click each picture to enlarge)

     CHOOSE CARD        SCAN WITH LAYAR APP        SELECT LINK                   VIEW LINK