Case StudyCPC and Fork-Lift Truck Training

CPC driver training and Fork-Lift truck training may not appear to be an industry that you think of that would benefit from innovative marketing.  But the management of Logistics Training Services saw the immediate potential of Augmented Business Cards. They were able to give potential customers access to targetted information on their products and services, in a format that saved the clients time and gave a pleasant and unique experience to the reader. An experience that they are happy to share with others.

Augmented Business Cards have allowed us to reach potential customers that we would never have been able to reach using conventional marketing methodology. For one instance, after demonstrating to the owners, we left our Business Cards at Truck stop cafes. We know our clients visit these places on a regular basis and so they took the cards with them as they are highly keepable. The word soon got around and other drivers also wanted the unique cards. We have found that the people whom we have trained have also taken our cards and shared with others in their industry.

Download the layar app and scan each of these augmented Business Cards to view their digital content.