Case StudyNational Gym and Leisure Chain

A national Leisure Management organisation wanted to be innovative in their approach to make life easier for their patrons.  Managing four sports centres in the local area, they wanted to be able to give access to a great deal of information in a concise and easy to use format.  An ‘information’ card was produced which gave addresses and telephone numbers of the various establishments.  This card was produced to give the viewer lots more information e.g. Swimming Timetables, Free Children’ Activities, Membership Offers, Free 5 Day passes, links to each sites’ website and direct phone links to each site.  The leisure company reduced incoming calls requesting information on timetables, an uptake in membership took place as did children’s activities and free 5 day passes.  The company also reduced timetable print costs as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

We wanted to give our customers a new innovative way to view our swim timetable and access information about our leisure centre on one small card. We felt it was time to move on from the static printed leaflets that customers are bombarded with on a daily basis. We had seen some examples of AR and after some exploration we decided we wanted to be the first leisure centres, in the area to try something new and exciting. We’re very pleased with the finished product and have had some really positive feedback from customers.

Try for yourself!

 The image to the left is the original printed item. The 2nd image shows what you will see if you scan the original image with the Layar app. The 3rd image shows a link button we have chosen for this demonstration. The 4th image shows what you would see if you had clicked on the button.

(click on each picture to enlarge)

        CHOOSE CARD          SCAN WITH LAYAR APP          SELECT LINK                           VIEW LINK