Why do you use Business Cards instead of say Leaflets, Beermats or Brochures?

We do actually use lots of printed mediums to convey information by AR. Business cards are especially good as it is the norm between businesses to exchange cards. They are small and easily retained.and have proven to be a very low cost medium of allowing clients gain information you specifically want them to see.

What other printed products do you augment?

In addition to business cards, we augment Beermats, Labels, Tickets, Labels, Posters, Advertisements, Magazines, Leaflets, Packaging and any Products. If it can be printed then we are able to augment it.

You mentioned ‘Information Cards’ what are they?

Information Cards are basically a Business Card that has been re-named. You can give it to members of your sports club/organisation so that they can be easily kept up-to-date with events and offers, etc.

Who controls the information that is seen when someone ‘clicks’ on an AR button/link on a Business Card?

You do. Generally the links are to a website/website page and you just update your website page accordingly.

Can you have videos on the Business Card?

Yes, you just let us have the URL link. If you have a video on You Tube for example you want to show, let us have the link and this can be done.

When people view the Business Card on their phone/iPad with the Layar app, what do they see?

The viewer will see ‘buttons’ hovering over the original print. These buttons are actually links to URLS. They can be in many forms, they don’t have to be all the same.

When you say ‘links to a URL’ what does that mean?

When the ‘button’ is touched on screen it will take you to a webpage of your choice. It could be the home page of your website, a shop, Buy, Donate, a video, sound track, picture album or some form of social media. The list is endless.

Can you put an AR button on the Business Card that, when touched, rings my mobile phone?


Can you put an AR button that will allow the viewer to send me an email direct to my mobile phone?


How much does it cost to AR my business Cards?

To design a Business Card (2 side), augment one side and supply 500 Business Cards on 400gsm matt laminated, is £145.00 plus vat

How do you view the augmented Business Card?

Download the free Layar app, turn on ‘set location’ (this will allow you to use Google Maps etc) and scan, just like you would take a picture.

Do all mobile devices have the ability to see AR?

Not all but the majority do, some of the older models are unable to download the Layar app.

Apart from being able to give viewers of my Business Cards a good insight as to what I do, what other benefits are there for me?

Augmented Business Cards are great for PR! They are unique and ‘keepable’. You should be able to reduce your printing costs, your carbon footprint and be seen as a business that ‘keeps up with the times’- the list goes on and on……

What are the benefits to the viewers of my Business Cards?

You are allowing them to quickly and easily see and absorb information they might not have had the inclination to find. You can be very specific with what you show on your Business Card, or what deals you offer.

I own a business that sells loads of domestic heating/repair products to the trade. How can I use AR?

You could put a link to your on-line catalogue so users (trade for example) can search for parts whilst they are on site and perhaps order them there and then.

I am a bit confused as to what I should show on my Business Card, who can give me advice?

Speak to us, we have a marketing team will happily discuss your business marketing mix and help define how to maximise your benefits.

How do I place an order with you?

We like to speak with our customers, yes it’s a little old fashioned we know, but we like to get things right first time and talking helps!

Would someone in Australia be able to view AR on my Business Card?

Yes, the Layar app you need to view it with is available free around the world.

I have seen printed items that, when scanned, have a hologram type image appear over the page, for example a Guinness Beermat had a pint of Guinness appear. Can you do this?

Yes, however what you are describing is more of a branding exercise, the image does nothing but look nice. We are pragmatic about using AR, we want our customers to have interactive AR, to be able to generate and grow their business with AR as a work tool. In addition, the AR we generally provide is a mere fraction of the cost of the type of AR you describe. If you have deep pockets though……..

I have four different representatives working for me, would I have to pay for two sides of AR on all the Business Cards, one side of the card is common to all.

No, as the common side is on all the cards you only need to buy it once.

What is the process of buying AR’d Business Cards?

Firstly we determine your needs e.g. type of card – business or other, number of versions of the card, etc. We would then discuss your artwork – do you have your existing or do we start again, how many cards/versions? Once artwork for the card is established and agreed we can then apply the button links. We discuss and agree your requirements, we then design the buttons and have the links available (links from you) to enable us to provide the AR. We send you the artwork of the business cards for you to test the AR functions (this is while the cards are being printed). Once you are happy with the cards and AR, you sign it all off. Job done!

I have used all my Business Cards and need some more, do I have to pay for the AR again?

If you just want a reprint and to keep the original AR, then it’s just more Business Cards you pay will need to pay for. If you want to change/add some AR buttons then there will be a small charge.

What happens after I have had the AR on my Business Cards for 12 months?

After a 12 month period the licencing agreement lapses and needs to be renewed. A small charge is levied if renewal is required.

I would like to change the buttons on my Business Cards every month, how much would this cost?

You would need to discuss your requirements with us so we could agree a charge to meet your requirements.

I run a charity, is it possible to have a ‘Donate’ button on the card.

Yes. We have done this in the past for charities.

I am considering putting a shopping cart on my Business Card, will it work?

With more than 50% of all on-line purchases now being made on a mobile device it is an excellent idea. As long as your web page can be used on a mobile device there will be no problem.